Desai Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

MUNICH, GERMANY, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Desai Battery, a leader in comprehensive energy storage solutions, proudly presents its latest innovations at Smarter E Europe 2024 Munich between June 19-21. The company features a range of products and solutions with clean energy solutions, including proprietary energy storage cells, commercial and industrial storage solutions, residential energy storage systems and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) data center products. This exhibition showcases Desai Battery’s commitment to technology research and development, innovation and to explore the endless possibilities in the energy storage sector.

Desai Battery’s new launch at the exhibition includes a range of high-quality and reliable products, including the 314Ah Li-ion battery, which greatly improves the economic efficiency and lifespan of its energy storage system. In addition, Desai Battery will feature a 100Ah Li-ion battery and a 280Ah Li-ion battery. These products have passed several international and strict certification tests such as GB/T36276, UL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3, RoHS and UL9540A. They have also been used in various projects, showing their quality and reliability.

Desai Battery manufactures two key products in its sodium-ion battery lineup: 68Ah Sodium-ion batteries and 200Ah Sodium-ion batteries. This makes these batteries more suitable for challenging environments such as high altitude, low temperature and frequency storage applications than their lithium counterparts.

During the event, the company will showcase a range of commercial and industrial energy storage cabinets, including the 215kWh and 344kWh C&l Outdoor Cabinets, as well as a plug-in frame energy storage cabinet. Each is equipped with an intelligent power management system for real-time battery condition monitoring, ensuring efficient and reliable energy storage solutions for businesses.

Another Desai battery offering is the highly focused 5MWh Utility ESS, which boasts high integration, efficiency and safety. The total energy consumption has increased by more than 45%, the operating efficiency has improved by 18%. The innovative AB box design reduces the required footprint by 43% while maintaining the design of a standard 20-foot shipping container to meet international shipping requirements.

At Smart E Europe 2024, Desai Battery will not only showcase its technical research and development capabilities and technological innovations, but also demonstrate the wide potential of Desai Battery products in energy storage applications and reinforce its commitment to providing clean, sustainable and efficient energy solutions for the future. .

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