Defhouse: the evolution of the Italian content house for Generation Z

Four years ago, the first Italian content house dedicated to the young talents of Generation Z was founded: today WSC – Web Stars Channelthe digital company under the leadership of Luca Casadei And Giuseppe Grecopresents the newly developed concept of DefhouseNo longer just a “home” for very young creatives, but a real Creative Center And Vocational Academy.

Defhouse: from content house to creative center for Generation Z talents

Defhouse abandons the model of simple coexistence to offer its talents, now almost exclusively adults, spaces, tools, training and innovative visions to refine their passions and skills. The current protagonists, such as Alessia Lanza, Simone Berlini And Davide Mocciahave a total fan base of over 50 million followers and more than 150 collaborations with brands from various industries.

Luca Casadei underlines the importance of accompanying these children on their growth path and helping them to “perfect their talent” and become professional content creators, always up to date and informed. Giuseppe Greco underlines how Defhouse is “Growing up with Generation Z“and becomes a point of contact for them where they can learn, be inspired and exchange ideas with experts.

Photo Defhouse 53

WSC supports the Defhouse project Talents in creating original content, They should be encouraged to delve deeper into a wide range of topics and to remain receptive to the socio-cultural changes of their generation.

Thanks to this vision, Defhouse has doubled its sales over the years. increase from 2 to 4 million euros, and increased cooperation with brands and companies, from 5 to 200 per year. A success that demonstrates the ability to interpret the digital market, anticipate trends and create credible and effective communication campaigns for Generation Z. Finally, the 72% of companies invest in social networkslooking for young but prepared professionals for their communication.

For more information, see Defhouse website.


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