Cloudera Releases Three New AI Assistants

SQL, BI and ML

July 8, 2024, 3:00 PM | Sabine Narloch

An SQL query tool, an ML copilot, and an AI chatbot that communicates based on customer data: these are the three new AI-powered assistants that Cloudera is now bringing to market.

Data specialist Cloudera is expanding its AI expertise. The three AI assistants now presented are intended to help companies adopt data, analytics and AI applications faster, while at the same time expanding the circle of employees who have access to these tools.

Cloudera recently announced the acquisition of Verta’s operational AI platform. The company aims to further expand its position in AI and ML. By integrating AI assistants for SQL, BI, and ML directly into the platform, Cloudera is now introducing the next phase of enterprise AI for customers by simplifying and improving the AI ​​and ML experience for every user.

“As AI continues to evolve, Cloudera is committed to staying ahead of our customers’ needs,” said Dipto Chakravarty, Chief Product Officer at Cloudera. “Our new AI-powered assistants break down barriers and empower every user to harness the power of AI in their business.”

The three new AI assistants in detail:

Cloudera SQL AI Assistant
SQL AI Assistant: From finding the right tables and columns to handling keywords to optimizing readability and performance for different SQL dialects, writing SQL queries can be complex. That’s where Cloudera’s new SQL AI Assistant comes in.

  • SQL AI Assistant
    Writing SQL queries can be complex, and so can learning your way around SQL syntax. That’s where Cloudera’s SQL AI Assistant comes in. The tool is designed to empower users across your organization to become SQL experts. Users describe what they need in simple language, and the assistant finds the relevant data using techniques like prompt engineering and retrieval augmented generation (RAG). The assistant then writes and optimizes the query and explains it to the user in easy-to-understand terms.

Cloudera BI Chatbot
AI Chatbot: To gain meaningful and actionable insights, users need to engage with their data and ask questions that go beyond the “what” a dashboard typically displays.

  • AI chatbot
    The AI ​​chatbot in Cloudera Data Visualization is designed to interact directly with company data and deliver contextualized business insights beyond what regular BI dashboards can show. The chatbot uses the context of the available data behind the dashboard to provide deeper insights. Users should be able to ask simple questions, such as, “Why are sales declining in a particular region?”

Cloudera ML Copilot
ML-Copilot is designed to perform production-related tasks – from data processing to coding.

  • ML co-pilot
    According to the company, the Cloudera Copilot is based on pre-trained LLMs. By integrating approximately 130 Hugging Face models and datasets, the Copilot supports the end-to-end development process of AI applications and accelerates data science, model development and refinement.

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