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15.7 billion euros for Spain over a period of ten years. Amazon Web Services announced a record investment on Wednesday increase the capacity of its data centers located in the Iberian Peninsula. The American giant already has three availability zones and data centers in Aragon and the northeast of the country. AWS promises that the site will be powered 100% by renewable energy sources and will help create 17,500 indirect jobs.

Last week AWS already announced investment of 7.8 billion euros in Germany develop a “sovereign cloud” offering, which is planned for launch in 2025.

The company assures in its press release that these investments will make it possible to acquire local employees for the operation of the data centers used to implement this sovereign cloud. However, the company could also choose to finance the development of new dedicated data centers.

The race for a sovereign cloud and the special role of France

The prospect of a sovereign European cloud – stripped of legal considerations – must protect providers from the extraterritorial laws of non-EU countries. This supports the desire of American cloud players such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft.

Text specifying the outlines of the new cloud certification on a European scale is being completed. However, Amazon and Microsoft have already announced several major cloud investments in Europe.

American players believe that an offer based on infrastructure installed within the EU will be sufficient to obtain European certification. And markets reserved for its holders.

Conversely, France is one of the countries that support a more limited version of the text. It advocates a high-level certification reserved for companies that are not subject to the laws of non-European countries.

Less investment from AWS in France

And in fact, these two announcements from AWS contrast with the investments that the American giant promises during Operation Choose France, which took place last week.

On this occasion, Amazon Web Services promised an investment of only… 1.3 billion euros for France.

Enough to build a new data center and a new warehouse for your e-commerce activities.

Microsoft also splits the money

On this occasion, Microsoft promised to put a total of 4 billion euros on the table to strengthen its cloud infrastructure in France.

And this after she announced her intention to invest in February 3.2 billion euros in Germany AND 2.1 billion in Spain.

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