Claude from Anthropic better than ChatGPT 4o?

ChatGPT-4o has a new challenger which seems to guarantee high performance and extremely competitive with the service offered by OpenAI. This is Claude 3.5 Sonneta new large linguistic model (LLM). Anthropic is bringing it to marketthe start-up that made an interesting partnership with Amazonand that he had already created in recent months a long series of models that had demonstrated great potential.

Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet has passed a large number of tests and, according to the first rumors, it could even offer a better experience than that which can be lived using ChatGPT-4o, the latest version of the well-known artificial intelligence chatbot, increasingly used by web users to simplify their activities, speed them up. and find the information they need quickly. the challengeas you can imagine, it also affects Google’s Gemini.

Let’s discover the features and potential of Claude 3.5 and who can use it.

What is Claude 3.5 from Anthropic and how does it work?

Anthropic, an American start-up that is intensively engaged in the development of products based on artificial intelligence, created a new language model on a large scalewhich will be considered mid-range compared to other products manufactured by the company in the past.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet actually goes next door haikuthe smallest model and others opus, the high-end model. However, exceeding all expectationsClaude 3.5 seems to have extraordinary performances that come close to the Opus and could surpass what it offers ChatGPT.

The model is extremely fast. You can write and translate code, interpret tables, charts, and diagrams, write text from images, schedule and manage multi-step workflows, capture context and humor, analyze unstructured data, and more. has a high understanding of requests that he receives, even the apparently most complex ones.

With Claude 3.5 you can use a new function that allows you to see the results obtained after entering a request and edit them manually directly in the appwithout having to use other tools or external text editors.

Who will be able to use Claude 3.5 Sonnet by Anthropic

At least in the first phase, Claude 3.5 Sonnet of anthropic It can only be used for free by Claude accounts, which can be accessed via the web or from a mobile device compatible with the iOS operating system thanks to the corresponding application. Claude Pro and Team subscribers will have some advantages over the free version.

The anthropic seems to be in focus development of solutions for companies and Claude 3.5 could soon become a tool especially intended for this last category to simplify work processes and to centralize the management of documents, knowledge and information of all kinds.

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