Citroën C3: what is the value of this electric city car, the cheapest on the market?

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Citroën promises you the best at the moment with its brand new small C3, really cheap, regardless of the version, thermal or electric. The simple recipe of the battery model should allow it to compete with both Dacia (Renault) and Chinese manufacturers.

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– The electric Citroën C3 will arrive in dealerships in June.

Dacia Sandero (Renault) is regularly mentioned in the family of affordable small cars. But Citroën is back in the game, with its new C3 for 14,990 euros in the basic petrol version, he called you. However, its commercial launch in June will be much more discreet than the 100% electric version, which should ultimately represent 50% of Citroën C3 sales in France, says Thierry Koskas, head of the Citroën brand. Necessity in relation to European regulations and benefit for brand image. Without forgetting that Citroën intends to block Dacia and its Springas well as Chinese competitors claiming a monopoly on available electricity in Europe, and especially in France.

The maximum speed of the Citroën ë-C3 is limited to 135 km/h. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 seconds. Citroën

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Tightening Citroën C3 prices to the detriment of what?

Indeed, Stellantisthe parent company of Citroën, set it in a basic position. Electric Citroën C3 is thus offered this year in the basic version for 23,300 euros, respectively for 19,300 euros after deducting the ecological bonus of 4,000 euros. It will arrive in the dealer network in mid-June for the first deliveries in September. But an even cheaper version will be available next year for 19,990 euros (15,990 euros minus the bonus).

But how does Citroën manage to squeeze prices without offering a discounted car?

For the launch, the electric Citroën C3 is equipped with a new engine with an output of 83 kW, which corresponds to an output of 113 hp. Citroën

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In its factory in Trnava, Slovakia the brand assembles its ë-C3 with 25% fewer parts than the previous generation, it offers fewer finishes and options and adds no redundant equipment to simplify the range and increase production speed. Base versions are even completely screen-free, leaving the driver’s smartphone to manage the necessary infotainment, such as navigation or music. Simplification at the expense of appearance, on-board comfort and performance on the road?

No. In order to attract as many people as possible, Citroën bet on style. The completely transformed small Citroën C3 from its height of 1.57 m (+ 10 cm over the previous generation) and 4 m length (+ 2 cm) looks like a mini SUV in 2024. It also abandons the curves that made its reputation a little more cubic and adopted a very a vertical full grille flanked by the brand’s new logo. The new lighting signature also changes and features hook-shaped headlights at the front and rear. In addition to the two-tone colors, a small in-house innovation will give the owner the impression of personalizing the car. These are small colored inserts to attach to the rear quarter or front bumper.

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Comfort on board?

In the basic version of the Citroën C3, there is no integrated screen, but support for placing your smartphone. Citroën

Inside, this fourth generation C3 simply has nothing in common with the previous ones. Funny messages are stuck on the door panels, there are of course plenty of storage spaces, but rigid plastic reigns supreme in the cabin. So the quality of materials is sacrificed, but the cockpit is very neat, we appreciate the presence of a small double-flat steering wheel (a first for Citroën), above which a very decent instrument display takes place. And the center console does not bother with even the slightest multimedia system. The 10.25-inch screen will only be available in the high-end, while the base will have support for a simple smartphone hi-fi dock. To go from the target You, at 23,300 euros, to the higher trim level, Max, it takes at least 4,500 euros. So with the Max you have access to this touch screen, but also to the two-tone body, 17-inch rims, four electric windows, automatic air conditioning, comfort and height-adjustable seats, automatic wipers, rear-view mirrors. defrosting and folding, reversing camera and induction charger. On the other hand, driving aids (cruise control/speed limiter, lane departure warning, collision warning, etc.) are standard from the first level.

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It’s also nice to drive Citroën C3 in the city and on the outskirts, the vehicle is comfortable in most situations. Its acceleration and restarts are also reassuring: just consider overtaking on the secondary network, although you still need to carefully anticipate them. This car is compact and easy to handle, it sits well on the road, its body movements remain controlled, you approach corners with a decent amount of precision. The driver’s position has increased significantly compared to the previous version (+ 10 cm), you get the impression that you dominate the road a little more, like an SUV. In terms of comfort, we hardly feel the unevenness of the road, the shocks are moderate and the noise reduction remains very correct, with a little air noise at speeds of more than 80 km/h. But the absence of vibrations wins. In other words, we appreciate the road performance and versatility of this little car. The increased weight associated with 1,416 kg of batteries does not affect driving sensations in any way.

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The new electric Citroën C3 has a range of more than 300 km. Citroën

The electric C3 will be sold with a 113kW unit powered by a 44kW LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery. This allows it to reach a range of 320 km, according to the manufacturer. Our battery went from 100% to 66% on a hundred kilometer stretch of back roads. And that with consumption not exceeding 13.2 kWh/100 km. Which remains very correct and allows you to travel a total of 305 kilometers without worrying about recharging. Remember that on a fast terminal, the battery will charge to 80% in 26 minutes. It will take just under 4 hours on a home charging station.

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The Citroën C3 proves to be quite convincing in its electric version; A race that Renault R5 will join in 2025 in its basic version for 25,000 euros, without the environmental bonus. And who can win…

The trunk of the electric Citroën C3 has a capacity of 310 liters. Citroën

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