ChromeOS: Google wants to integrate AI more and more

According to some recent rumors it seems that Google aims to improve ChromeOS with the introduction of new functions Of artificial intelligence. The news was revealed in a post about Chromium blog. The Mountain View company also intends to bring features to its Chromebooks Google AI E twins. To be able to do it in the best possible way, the company requested the support of Android. How?

It seems that ChromeOS will soon be developed in large portions of the Android stack. In this way, the company aims to implement artificial intelligence functions much faster. At the moment, users equipped with Chromebook Plus they can already use Gemini no home screen. But this is just the beginning.

Google plans to power ChromeOS with artificial intelligence

Some rumors have reported that the ported Android parts will be the ones Android Linux Core hello Android frameworks. The latter will be part of the ChromeOS base. These innovations are not only tasked with implementing AI. As stated by Google, the latter are part of a wider process which aims to simplify the efforts of engineering. In addition, they will help other devices, such as smart phonesto work better together Chromebooks.

the new”union” between ChromeOS and Android. This demonstrates the intent of the administrator’s business Google Sundar Pichai maximize resources and reduce waste. All this is aimed at introducing your products to the market in a more effective way efficient and fast.

Google is keen to stress that even if it is currently working on the new features it will we have to wait before the latter reach the market for all users. As the Mountain View company stated, as soon as they are ready we will go for one transition without continuity solution. In this way we will try to avoid problems for users. So we just have to wait and find out how all this will change the way ChromeOS will be improved.

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