Challenges and Solutions: The Dramatic Rise of DDoS Attacks

In recent years, the landscape of cyber threats saw a to increase significant of DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service), with 2023 registered an i94% increase. compared to the previous year, which had already seen one 48% growth. This worrying trend goes further complicated of the increasingly widespread use of artificial intelligence in attacks, making them more sophisticated and difficult to detect and counter. Moreover, they arise new techniques like him application layer attacks and theCloud Vulnerability Exploitshighlighting the limitations of traditional solutions DDoS security.

A unified network solution

O DDoS solutions conventional usually operate in isolated way compared to the rest of the corporate securitywith independent management increasing the risk of not detect attacks and have response times too slow, with potentially devastating consequences for organizations. It is therefore crucial integrate theautomation and the information sharing about DDoS attacks throughout the company for more effective protection.

To face these challenges, Check point collaborated Radware to integrate the DDoS security solutions in his Infinite platform. This integration allows greater visibility and protection, expanding the capabilities of the devices Quantum DDoS Protector Check Point to the entire company network, including locations that do not have these devices.

co Infinite platformnow it is possible optimize DDoS operations throughout the company’s network. O network administrators hello safety equipment can implement effective policies to block automatically Real-time DDoS attacks or receive notifications to quickly respond to threats. there platform protects against threats in the data center, network, cloud, endpoints, mobile devices and IoT by integrating security management and operations to unified defense.

A key element of integration is Infinity Playblockswhich provides operational skills is of safety preconfigured activated automatically in response to attack detections and operational incidents. This approach allows you to prevent future attackskeeping i The SOC teams were alerted and ready to intervene. O preventive actions automated they limit immediately threatsreducing damage, containing the spread and reducing operational costs.

Infinity and the Check Point system

theintegration with Infinity also allows you to send automatically updates of the records of Quantum DDoS Protector to the entire security ecosystem of Check point. O operational and security events are shown in Infinite portal and shared with management stations and relevant users, guaranteeing complete visibility of DDoS attacks through a unified panel.

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