Cars and artificial intelligence: 70 billion investments in AI by 2030

All the car that drive on the road now have a variety of sophisticated systems for both driving and multimedia. The conveniences made available to today’s drivers are countless, all linked to the smart world andartificial intelligence. Each new model that comes out is more and more sophisticated and this trend could be progressively consolidated over time.

As reportedAutomobile and Mobility Observatory of the Luiss Business School, there will be a net increase in the global market for those cars that will significantly modify the user experience. All thanks to an increase of 2030 of 90% of the market in software and vehicles. He was also talking Michele Criscipresident of the UNRAE association, who emphasized how artificial intelligence can improve the difficulty of technology, thus allowing users to understand it in the best way.

Cars will become increasingly intelligent: 70 billion investments planned

The “core” of the future When it comes to the automotive sector, it refers to artificial intelligence. The Automobile and Mobility Observatory states that by 2030 approximately $70 billion will be invested so that it becomesAO the main digital asset in the sector.

Thanks to the new generation of software-based vehicles, artificial intelligence is expected to account for 15-20% of the overall value of the sector. Of the projected $650 billion in revenue, most will go to suppliers, whose revenue will grow from $236 billion to $411 billion. Meanwhile, automakers will see their revenue rise from $87 billion to $248 billion, tripling current volumes.“.

So it’s no mystery that the cars of the future will get smarter and smarter. In fact, they will be able to interact with the driver in the best way, process information but also learn from their driving habits. We are probably at the beginning of a new era that will completely revolutionize the automotive sector.

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