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During its Build event, Microsoft launched a new category of PC called Copilot+ PC. This new line of AI computers will offer users an AI experience in their daily workflow. These new features should help users quickly generate content, get live subtitles and translations during streams, and find anything on their computer using their voice.

PC Copilot+ users will have access to these features at the touch of a button. Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs, as well as all new Windows systems released in recent months, will actually have itdedicated Copilot key on the keyboard.

Here are the main announcements to remember:

1. GPT-4o for Copilot on Copilot+ computers

Microsoft announced GPT-4o, the latest AI model from OpenAIwill soon be available on Copilot.

Microsoft showed an example of a Minecraft player asking Copilot how to make a sword, with the bot able to see what’s happening on the user’s screen as their character moves.

2. The “Recall” function allows for a much more intuitive search

Recall is a feature that records your screen and uses AI to index all the information so you can easily find it later. Instead of typing a keyword into a search box to find an email, file or web page, users can simply ask Recall to “find that purple necklace I saw online last week” with their voice.

And Recall finds the website from their browsing history. It’s scary, but very helpful.

This feature saves the captured content to the device. This way, users’ screen recordings will not be sent to the cloud at any time. Users will also be able to adjust their settings to opt out of certain items being captured and to edit, view and delete recordings.

Microsoft says it won’t use the data it collects to train artificial intelligence models.

3. New Copilot experience

In addition to using the Copilot key, Microsoft is changing the drag and drop functionality. Now users can drag and drop items into the Copilot window and ask the AI ​​to tell them more. For example, if you see a historical photo online, you can drag it into the Copilot window and ask the assistant to give you more details.

The AI-powered copilot will also benefit from more flexibility in using the app with resizable windows that will allow users to slide them to the side or stretch them to view them full screen.

Additional AI features on the Copilot+ computer

  • Co-creator in Painting. It allows users to create and edit images in near real-time using five machine learning models. These models work locally in tandem in the NPU. The Cocreator feature also has a creativity slider for different artistic results.
  • Live subtitling with live translation. This feature provides real-time captioning for any audio coming from your Copilot+ computers across all video applications and platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Chrome, Netflix and more. It supports more than 40 languages ​​and works across devices, even offline.
  • The Photos app is changing: The Photos app gets a new ability to transform images and videos with AI, including removing the background, creating a new background or foreground, generating new images or using predefined filters. All on the device.
  • Windows Studio Effects: The new Copilot+ computers will include a feature to improve visual and audio quality during calls and videos using AI. New features include auto framing, portrait blur, voice focus and creative filters.

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