Browse at the fastest speeds for less than 15 euros per month with TIM 5G Power Smart!

This offer is designed for those who are looking for convenience and quality in smartphone promotions TIM 5G Power Intelligence Allowing all subscribers to take advantage of many benefits. Start Alone 14.99 EUR per monththis promotion offers 50GB of data in 5G, Unlimited minutes and 1,000 SMS messagesTo make activating the offer easier and more convenient, First month free for new customersand online activation.

Now you can request an eSIM directly using SPID e in just a few minutes Activate TIM offer now!

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TIM 5G Power Smart, why use it?

Thanks 50GB included per month You will be able to take advantage of 5G Provided by TIM, it allows you to browse at full speed, watch streaming videos, play online, and more. In addition to data, the offer also includes Unlimited minutes and 1,000 SMS messagesunlimited calls and messages to all domestic landline and mobile numbers.

In addition, by choosing TIM 5G Power Smart products now, you will be able to take advantage of numerous benefits Additional services included In the package: For example, you can use data minutes and text messages are also included Roaming in the EUat no additional cost. and Tim’s PartyInstead, you’ll receive surprises and gifts designed just for you, like extra gigabytes, free minutes, and special discounts on select purchases.

A fast and stable connection has always been an absolute priority for TIM, which ensures Optimum performance even in congestion In addition, due to Advanced protection against malware and phishing. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the most advanced 5G experience with TIM 5G Power Smart! Discover TIM 5G quality Transform your mobile connection today. Only 14.99 € per month!

Check out the offer on TIM

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