Bosch and tram safety: new technologies in Italy

The German giant Boscha well-known global leader in automotive components, has launched a new project intended to improve the safety gives public rail transport. The company is developing assistance systems for trams based on radars and cameras, designed for detect pedestrians and cyclists and avoid potentially dangerous collisions.

This innovative “driving assistance system” is already operational in several European cities, including Frankfurt, Hanover and Amsterdam. Soon, it will also be implemented in some city ​​in northern Italyincluding large centers like Turin E milan. The heart of the system is a combination of advanced technologies: acontrol unit for data processing, a camera multifunction ea radar medium range The latter emits waves to detect objects, people and vehicles along the road, guaranteeing similar protection sophisticated LIDAR systems used in modern automobiles.

Operation of the “Tram Frontal Collision Alert”

The system is designed to move on possible collisions. using predictive artificial intelligenceassess imminent danger and activate a visual or audible warning for the driver. If no action is taken within two seconds, the system intervenes with one gradual automatic braking, thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to passengers. Not just this approach improves security but It also reduces damage to vehicles, road infrastructure and pedestrians, with a positive impact on costs social and economic for communities and transport companies.

while Bosch advances with advanced technologies for i tramin the scope ofvehicle automation divergent positions emerge. Elon MuskCEO of Tesla, expressed skepticism toward LIDAR, calling it expensive and superfluous. Despite this, Tesla has recently purchased LIDAR sensors for over $2 million from Luminar. for now, Tesla it depends exclusively Tesla Vision System based on cameras, giving up radars and sensors to contain hardware costs. musk opened up the possibility of integrate advanced technologies as high-definition radar, suggesting a possible change of course in the company’s future strategies.

co’implementation imminent of their systems tram assistance in Italian cities and the evolution of debate on autonomous driving in the automotive industry, Bosch is confirmed pioneer in security of public transport. Its innovative approach not only promises to reduce accidents and damage, but also introduces new safety standards that could influence urban transport policies around the world.

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