Beautiful power bank in the shape of a cassette tape

between power bank Even more curious, there is also support for fast charging and a retro-style proposal that evokes 90s nostalgia. The Remax tape is small External battery pack in the shape of a cassette tapewith attention to every detail, despite the retro look hides modern components and hardware, it is entirely possible Charge two devices simultaneouslyThe power bank itself charges very quickly, taking just 30 minutes to charge to 50%.

After about a year of development, the Chinese company Remax officially launched this box-style mobile power bank and immediately sold it at a popular price. The internal battery pack is based on lithium polymer and reaches 10,000mAh capacity and includes an explosion-proof system. The design is well thought out, the dimensions are very similar to the original cassette, and with a fake double center reel, it immediately refers to the reel of the tape used to record the songs. The gadget can be Yellow, red or green Since the connector is attached to the external battery body, they support USB Type-C, Micro USB, and even Apple’s Lightning interface. Maximum power transfer rate 20 watts If your smartphone is compatible, it can be fully charged quickly thanks to the PD (Power Delivery) protocol. There is also a small but bright LED light on one side, which can You can also use the device as a flashlightwhile on the lower side there is a small LCD service display that informs you of the remaining battery and device status.

You can buy cassette tape power banks On AliExpress Price is about 25 EUR Buy directly from the Remax manufacturer in Shanghai, China on AliExpress. Here are our picks for the best power banks The focus in 2024 will be on charging smartphones, tablets and other portable devices Best Power Banks for Laptops For those looking for more capacity and performance.

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