Ban the thermal car essential from 2029 for the Planning Bureau

PUSH Belgium she is able to achieve it goals of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions planned for 2030 ? For Planning office (an independent public interest organization that conducts studies and forecasts on economic, social and environmental policy issues and their integration into a sustainable development perspective), the answer is no. By establishing his projection on “announced” policies to reduce CO2 emissions will be a platform in 2030 up to -32% (compared to 2005), no below the target -47% allocated to Belgium and 42.6% listed in the National Energy and Climate Plan. It is obvious that a failure.

Core of problem

According to the Planning Authority, problem would come from the transport sector which would lag behind in terms of the transition: emissions from this sector should fall by only 11% by 2030, while emissions from the residential and tertiary sectors will fall by -53% and -62%, respectively. for the office, delay the transport sector is explained by the fact that prohibition of heat engines it only hits 2035. However, the move towards electrification should accelerate. And the Bureau suggests that ideally the ban would be in effect starting in 2029. But not later.

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A study by the Planning Bureau also reveals this how much will the energy transition cost? on households and not only for mobility, but also for housing (insulation, change of heating, etc.). All in all, share of energy in expenses should rise 7.7% of the budget to then drop to 4.7% in 2050. All this shows the extent to which consumers will be bear ever-increasing costs for a relatively long time. That said, the Bureau’s projection is nonetheless utopian that Flanders he had planned abandon the thermal engine in 2029. However, this will not be possible mainly due to insufficient charging infrastructure and, above all, electric models that are too expensive to purchase.

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