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In parallel with the new PPE platform that powers the Q6 e-tron and soon the A6 e-tron, Audi announces that it is developing another high-performance electric platform with its partner SAIC to catch up with the Chinese brands.

Like its parent company Volkswagen, Audi accelerates to electric with increasingly ambitious technologies.

After the OOP electric platform…

After the Q8 e-tron and Q4 e-tron SUVs and the e-tron GT sports sedan, this year the brand launched its all-new Q6 e-tron electric SUV. As a reminder, Audi will now reserve even numbers for its electric models and odd numbers for its thermal and hybrid models.
The Q6 e-tron, if we were to compare it, is in a way a battery-powered Q5. This great family model is brand new electric standard carrier. It therefore had to be innovative and attractive in every way, and Audi pulled out all the stops when it came to style, technology and connectivity.
It is the very first model of this brand to inaugurate the OOP electric platform (Premium Platform Electric), developed in collaboration with Porsche, which integrates 800V technology. Specifically, by going from 400V to 800V, we double the output power of the battery, which means we can accelerate the charging speed at the terminals and increase the power of the electric motor.
Result : The Q6 e-tron develops between 387 (Q6) and 517 horsepower (SQ6), and can restore up to 255 kilometers of autonomy in just 10 minutes! This platform will also equip the new electric sedan A6 e-tronwhich will arrive next year

…the new ADP platform!

But this is not the only large electric platform that Audi is developing. The manufacturer just announced it to cooperate with its Chinese partner SAIC (with which it has a joint venture in China) to develop a a new high-performance platform called the Advanced Digitized Platform.
According to the brand, it should “reduce time to market for a new model by 30%”. Three models have already been announcedthe first to emerge from the ground next year.
It is very likely that it is also based on the 800V architecture, since SAIC, which mainly owns MG, Maxus (commercial vehicles) and IM Motors (premium models announced for the European market), has already deployed this technology in certain models.
Starting with the compact electric MG 4, which is a commercial hit in Europesnatch market share from Renault Mégane E-Tech, Volkswagen ID.3 and Tesla Model 3 cars in particular. Previously, Volkswagen has announced a partnership with premium Chinese manufacturer XPeng (in which he bought 5% shares) to develop electric models in China…

This is what Audi and Volkswagen are hoping for to catch up with the delay they have picked up on electricity in Chinawhere their market shares are dangerously cannibalized by local producers…

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