ASUS NUC: Big AI performance in a small size


June 12, 2024, 9:30 AM | ASUS

Technological revolutions place new demands on technical equipment. AI is no exception here and requires correspondingly high computing power. However, it does not have to be too heavy in the workplace, as ASUS proves with the NUC portfolio of powerful mini PCs.

Artificial intelligence is currently revolutionizing the way we use computers more productively. Assistants are getting smarter and workflows are becoming more efficient – ​​but at the same time, the demands on hardware devices are growing. But powerful computing power doesn’t have to be a heavy burden in the workplace. This is proven by ASUS with the NUC portfolio powerful mini PCs.

With the current developments in the AI ​​sector, our digital world has become even faster. More and more applications are becoming more efficient and user-friendly through the integration of AI. Modern assistants such as Microsoft Copilot make it easier to use computers and lead to success faster.

The use of AI is particularly impressive because of its versatility. For example, artificial intelligence can help us design media and reduce the time required for complex image editing. In addition, you can summarize extensive texts for us and thus accelerate the introduction to new areas of expertise. In our digital everyday life, there is hardly an area, from software development to vacation planning, that does not benefit from the use of AI.

However, technical revolutions usually also place completely new demands on technical equipment. AI is no exception here and requires appropriate computing power for short response times – especially for complex tasks. The good news, however, is that this computing power does not require huge desktop computers. Modern mini PCs combine modern technology with high performance in a particularly compact form factor that can be used almost anywhere. Just like the NUC product range from ASUS.

AI Everywhere: ASUS NUC


NUC stands for “Next computer unit” and for an entire ecosystem of PC systems. The NUC portfolio ranges from fully configured mini PCs to so-called NUC kits, which omit selected components in the basic configuration and can therefore be particularly easily adapted and expanded to individual requirements.

All NUC systems are united by the idea of ​​making modern computing power in a compact form as versatile as possible. A NUC can be used in both the classic office workplace and in the production hall, because NUC solutions can be configured specifically for specific requirements – including particularly powerful hardware such as the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors. That’s exactly what makes it perfect ASUS NUC systems for AI use, because they bring artificial intelligence to every place in daily life. The shared ecosystem ensures compatibility and, through single-source support, offers reliability, which is essential, especially for business use.

Windows Copilot

Hardly any tool illustrates AI development as sustainably as Windows Copilot, which is particularly easily available and can intervene in many processes thanks to its direct integration in Windows 11. This intelligent assistant from Microsoft offers users support in many areas through the use of advanced AI models. For example, Windows Copilot helps with writing and editing documents, organizes appointments and can prioritize tasks.

Windows Copilot is also easy and intuitive to use, because the assistant uses modern language processing and learns user behavior through integration into the operating system. This allows the copilot to make context-related suggestions, for example, which further accelerate processes. Through continuous learning and continuous adaptation to individual usage habits, Windows Copilot can increase productivity and reduce stress in everyday work.

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