Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Recruiting: The LinkedIn Report

A new study conducted by LinkedIn stands out as theartificial intelligence is emerging as the leading driver of industry transformation recruitment. The investigation, which involved more than 2,500 recruiters in Europe and the United States, shows how many professionals are working to stay in the pace of technological change and have the right skills.

Almost half of recruiters expect one significant increase of the use of artificial intelligence and automation in selection processes in next 3-5 years. This trend is also confirmed with an increase in the number of recruiters who have added skills AI to their LinkedIn profiles. Industry professionals recognize that adopting this technology can bring numerous benefits, including greater efficiency and accuracy in candidate selection.

What does the entry of artificial intelligence mean in recruitment?

The LinkedIn report reveals that the 62% of professionals It is optimistic on the impact of artificial intelligence. Among the main perceived advantages, recruiters highlight the possibility of spending more time on people-focused work, improving their productivity and facilitating participation of the candidate.

Although globally there was one global slowdown of the hiring pace, half of hiring managers in Europe anticipate an increase in staff turnover this year. In addition, approximately two-thirds of European professionals intend change jobs As soon as possible. Additionally, to keep up with technological transformations, more than a third of recruiters are experimenting with technologies such asgenerative artificial intelligence in their processes.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn continues to improve its AI tools for recruiting and learning. AI-assisted messaging has led to a surge by 40% in the acceptance rate of InMail and faster responses. Users who use this tool save time, improve candidate engagement, and create stronger connections. To further support hiring professionals, LinkedIn is also introducing the feature AI-assisted messaging in several languages, trying to expand it next year.

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