“Artificial intelligence can help cancer patients.” Seminar in palliative care at Don Uva in Foggia – trmtv

Artificial intelligence can significantly help in palliative care and assistance to terminally ill patients: this is what emerged from the training seminar promoted in Foggia by the Opera Don Uva Universo Salute

Caring for terminally ill patients, often cancer patients, and their families is the most complex thing there is. Palliative care is for patients who “cannot be cured, but deserve to be treated for the best possible life.” The Opera Don Uva Universo Salute is a leader in healthcare in Puglia and Basilicata.

“Palliative care and hospice: an endless commitment” is the theme of the training seminar organized at the Foggia headquarters of the Opera Don Uva. The evolution of palliative care and pain therapy now includes technology and artificial intelligence.

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