Apple Vision Pro 2 will not be produced (the economy model will be)

Within a few days, Apple Vision Pro will cross the US borders to make its debut other countries (but not yet in Italy). Despite the expansion at the territorial level, the bitten apple does not seem to be satisfied with the results achieved so far by the viewer Salesso much so that the idea of ​​offering a second, more advanced and higher quality model was abandoned. This was reported today by The informationwhich underlines how the Cupertino group is instead focusing on creating a Economic modelmore accessible to the general public.

Is a cheaper Apple Vision Pro coming?

The costs of $3,499 The amount required to purchase it is certainly not affordable for all budgets. Tim Cook and his team are aware of this, just as they are aware of the fact that limiting the number of units in circulation means attracting fewer developers, which directly affects the number of compatible applications and, to close the circle, the attractiveness of the device.

That is why work has already begun in Cupertino on the project known internally by the code name N109According to the leaked information, the successor to the Apple Vision Pro would not only be cheaper, but also cheaper Lightereliminating some components. Therefore, the opinions of those who turned up their noses at the perceived weight were taken into account exaggerated.

They should be retained high-resolution display was positioned in front of the eyes and instead received very positive feedback.

Release date and price: the rumors

What is known about it? Exit date he was born Price? Actually, not much. The information assumes that the optimization works and Lose weight It could extend the time and possibly postpone the launch to 2026. As for the necessary expenses, they could be almost halved: it is expected to be between $1,500 and $2,500, which is equivalent to a top-of-the-range iPhone.

As always in these cases, it is a question of Indiscretions and should be viewed as such. Knowing Apple, no rumor is ever denied or confirmed until a possible official announcement.

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