Apple stops development of Vision Pro 2 to focus on an affordable version

According to the latest rumors It seems that Apple has stopped working on Vision Pro 2the next version of the mixed reality viewer is (according to forecasts) not due to be launched for at least a year and a half. The reason is easy to say: the Californian company would have channeled its entire workforce directly on the economic modelwhich was able to overcome the two limitations of the first version, namely a high entry price and a demanding size, especially after prolonged use, in one fell swoop.

There was immediate talk of a double commitment from Apple engineers and developers two subsequent versions of Vision Pro is expected to come onto the market in the next few years with a top model of the second generation (Vision Pro 2) and a cheaper and simplified version to appeal to a wider audience and significantly reduce the price requirements. Accordingly expected from the portal The informationApple had decided to stop work on the new top model to concentrate all efforts on the economical model, which It could come onto the market as early as next year, in 2025One of the reasons could be the less than enthusiastic sales reaction to the first version, which after a series of very critical reviews It is only now opening up to the international market (but not yet to the Italian one), albeit with a reduced production.

A simpler viewer, with less memory and a few fewer components such as technology Eyesightit could also halve the cost and be more attractive. Everything else would stay on board, such as the three-dimensional camera and also the automatic eye distance adjustment (IPD) and the sensors for monitoring hand movements. It could also be lighter and more compliant less stress for longer use. And Vision Pro 2? It would not be cancelled entirely, but simply postponed to a later date in order to optimise effort and personnel, so that something could start moving as early as 2026.

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