Apple Pay users complain about unauthorized charges

It’s every credit card user’s nightmare: Looking at your account balance reveals various charges, even though nothing has been purchased. This is precisely the experience many users of the payment service have Apple Pay. Like on the website According to local media, several users in Hungary are currently complaining about Apple Pay payments that they never made. For some, several different sums of money were withdrawn from the account in a few minutes. The indignation of society is correspondingly great. A blessing in disguise: It seems that there is no crime behind the phenomenon, but rather a technical error.

Banks confirm the error on Apple’s website

Both Raiffeisenbank and MBH Bank have referred to Apple’s technical problem in official statements. Both financial institutions are therefore in close contact with the iPhone manufacturer to resolve the issue and ask their customers for patience. However, this is probably difficult for many people to afford, because the hard-earned and in many cases urgently needed money has inexplicably disappeared. Banks are not releasing any details about the transactions, and Apple’s official statement is still pending. At the moment, we only know user reports from Hungary, whether the bug also affects users in other countries.

A connection to previous events?

At this point, we can only guess at the background of the problem. The first hints about the possible cause of the error can be found in individual user reports. Therefore, it currently appears that the incorrect charges are related to previously completed transactions. Apparently, some payments that had already been made were redone. Apparently, payments were also collected for already canceled orders. It remains to be seen whether Apple will comment on the events. In any case, such an incident is unlikely to benefit Apple Pay’s really good image.

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