Apple, new project that involves the creation of a robot

Apple decided to undertake a new project different from everyone else after his last project, Apple Car, turned out to be a failure; the new goal is to create one humanoid robot for the home. To move in this direction, the Cupertino company has had great requests from users to see new creations that go beyond the simple iPhones that are now part of it. of the history of the brand.

The project is led by former Google employee John Giannandrea which stood out in Apple since it was the responsible for Siri and Apple Car. The main objectives, as always, are to attract the attention of the public to make it clear that the vision of the projects is broader than the simple creation of smartphones. By doing so, the company will be able to they also grow economically experimenting with applications in fields that have never been tackled before.

Apple, more about the humanoid robot project

The robot that will be created will have as main characteristics that it will almost completely resemble human beings to be able to do it help people perform actions in everyday life. It will be equipped with artificial intelligence to help understand the various tasks that will be imposed on him, as well as serving as a source of greater recognition of the various needs of the client. One factor to consider is form factor as houses have many narrow spaces, stairs and places where a large robot would not fit. So you will have to analyze the scene better to be able to compare several models create the most suitable for the type of home in which it is introduced.

Apple’s next robot will not be announced soon given that many studies are still needed given that there are still some issues to be resolved.

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