Apple is not paying OpenAI for integration with iOS 18

With the arrival of iOS 18 on devices Apple the integration ofartificial intelligence. In particular ChatGPT will arise Siri. News that caused many discussions between opposing opinions. In any case, such an update is destined to change the entire technological world. But what are the key elements of the agreement signed between Apple and OpenAI?

A recent report published online highlights some important details. In particular, as reported Bloombergit seems that the Cupertino company, unlike what happened with Googleyou won’t have to pay nothing to the company of Sam Altman. Therefore, the integration of the chatbot within the virtual assistant will be “free“.

Details on the particular agreement between Apple and OpenAI

As it turned out, therefore, the partnership between the two companies is not meant to be generate income for both companies. Therefore, contrary to what was believed, no agreement was stipulated multimillion deal between Apple and OpenAI.

It seems, rather, what the association is based on concept of visibility. Apple, by deciding to integrate ChatGPT into Siri, gives the OpenAI chatbot the ability to work on all Apple-branded products. They are approximately hundreds of millions users who use it every day iPhone, Mac e iPad and this could lead to a considerable expansion of the Model LLM.

Considering this scenario, Apple stated that the visibility granted to OpenAI it is of equal, if not greater, value than any monetary payment. It is obviously important to emphasize that the agreement also benefits the company Tim Cook which will integrate ChatGPT into your operating system and on their devices and allow users to use it free.

For now this is what has come up. Of course, at any time the two companies could discuss a new agreement. In the future, also taking into account the results that will be obtained from the partnership between the two giants, it could also change the type of collaboration on the basis ofChatGPT integration in Siri.

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