Apple is not introducing new AI features in the EU for now

Uncertainties caused by the Digital Market Act

June 24, 2024, 08:01 | Source: dpa / Editing: Diana Künstler

Apple’s AI offensive is initially ignoring EU users. The iPhone company fears it will have to give other providers access to user data.

Apple will do that the recently announced new AI features not to bring to the EU for the time being. The iPhone group points to uncertainties as a result of the EU Digital Act DMA. Above all, there is concern that the… DMA Specifications1 Opening it up to other manufacturers and service providers could compromise the protection of user data, Apple said on Friday.

The cornerstone of Apple’s vision for usable AI is that its software has deep access to user data on its devices. This allows Apple Intelligence to, for example, quickly answer questions like whether you can make it to an appointment when your plans change, or summarize and sort emails by importance.

A central requirement of the EU DMA (Digital Markets Act) is that large platforms designated as “gatekeepers” must grant access to other providers and not give preference to their own offering. At the same time, an exception applies if this could affect the ‘integrity’ of the service.

But it is not clear whether the European Commission would accept Apple’s concerns about data security as grounds for such an exemption.

Solution not expected before the end of the year

Several other features announced at Apple’s WWDC developer conference last week are also affected by the delay. These include “iPhone mirroring,” where you can use a Mac-Computer gets full access to his Apple smartphone and shares the screen with other users.

Apple emphasizes that it is in talks with the European Commission about a solution and wants to make the features available in Europe. But this will not be possible this year. Traditionally, Apple releases beta test versions of the new software in the summer – and makes them available to everyone in the fall with a new generation of iPhones.


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