Apple brings a self-healing diagnostic tool to Europe

The topic of sustainable development is currently very popular among large technology manufacturers – although not entirely voluntarily. More and more companies are implementing self-healing programs to comply with strict political requirements and probably also to polish their “green” image. Some time ago, Apple started offering users in the US replacement parts to extend the life of their iPhone, Mac, etc. by doing the repairs themselves. Since End of 2022 This option is also available for German users. Now they get another important tool to speed up their Apple devices.

Apple Diagnostics helps with troubleshooting

In the US, Apple has in December 2023 released a diagnostic tool that helps users analyze the technical condition of their devices, as service personnel usually do in repair shops. With the so-called Apple diagnosis, you can detect faulty components in your Apple products so that you can replace them cheaply, if possible. Alternatively, you can also use the tool to check whether the repair shop has actually repaired the device sent for repair to your liking. As previously announced, Apple is now bringing this software to countries outside the US.

The tool is now also available in Germany

Apple Diagnostics for iPhone, Mac and Studio Display is now available in 32 European countries. In addition to France, Great Britain and the Netherlands, there is also Germany. You can use the service through Apple’s official website Support sites. There you will be guided step by step. The tool requires a device with at least iOS 17.0 or macOS Sonoma 14.1 installed. Important: The tool does not support beta versions of Apple operating systems. The manufacturer specifically notes that the app is only intended for users who are confident enough to perform the repairs themselves. For everyone else, Apple recommends hiring an official service repair shop.

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