Apple at the dawn of a new era with a new AI

The main note of opening of WWDC This year will be a pivotal time for Apple as it must demonstrate its ability to compete in the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence market (AO). This technology is fundamentally changing the way we use our devices, forcing the company to rethink its approach to product design.

The AI ​​does not will limit a to improve the products existing, but will be the engine of a new generation of hardware. Future devices will be designed to take full advantage of voice control and provide real-time information, eliminating the need to constantly consult screens full of apps. Apple, known for its high quality hardware and software compatible with services like Application store E iCloudwill have to adapt to this new technological scenario.

Traditionally, Apple has updated its products annually with a focus on apps, which pushes users to spend a lot of time on their screens. With the advent of AI, this model will no longer suffice. artificial intelligence It is designed to perform many tasks for you, reducing the need to constantly access applications. Also, annual software updates may not be fast enough to compete with rivals.

Apple is at the dawn of a new era with AI

Apple was one of first companies a to use the AI, integrating it into photo processing and your assistant Siri. However, it was quickly overtaken by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, now lagging behind companies like OpenAI. Even Samsung, a major rival, has already joined functions AO on most of their smartphones.

During the key notes from WWDCApple will show how it’s integrating AI features, likely called “Apple intelligence“, in the next software updates of iOS, iPadOS E macOS. The goal is to make Siri much more powerful and intelligent. Apple Intelligence will focus on providing information to users only when needed, such as notification and message summaries, meeting note summaries, and voice memo transcription.

In spite of the introduction from new versions gives operating systems with functionality AO, Apple will largely continue to follow its traditional model. However, to remain competitive, it will need to evolve to a model that integrates hardware, artificial intelligence and the cloud. The following interval iPhone 16 will represent a step in this direction, supporting the entire suite of AI functionality from Apple. However, the iPhone 15 Pro range will offer some capabilities I saw cloud, encouraging users to purchase the latest models so they don’t feel left out of new features.

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