Apple announces new artificial intelligence features for iPhone and iOS18

Next month’s September will officially arrive iOS 18 on iPhone Of Apple. According to what has emerged so far, the focus will be on the new version of the operating systemartificial intelligence. Among the novelties that will arrive soon, there is three functions which should arrive with the debut of iOS 18.

The first refers to the audio transcription via AI This feature is a real breakthrough for Apple users. For now, you can continue with the transcription manually. The procedure, in this way, is very long and complex. A second option allows you to continue exploiting third party services which in turn are based on artificial intelligence. The latter, however, usually include a payment which does not seem to be at all despicable.

A number of interesting AI features are coming to Apple devices

For the Android devices Automatic audio transcription using artificial intelligence has already been introduced. The feature was initially activated on Pixel 8 E 8 pro Of Google. It was later introduced into the “packageGalaxy A.I on the Galaxy S24 from Samsung. Apple has decided not to be left behind and this functionality should be introduced in iOS 18 systems soon iPhone.

A second function refers to thegenerative edition Of photo E video. The operation of the latter is very simple (at least in theory). Artificial intelligence is used for options advanced edition of the images. These include filling the background, removing unwanted subjects and even enlarging the photo itself. In addition Thanks to AI it is also possible to insert new subjects into the images.

Finally, a third useful function concerns the introduction of artificial intelligence Siri. theApple’s virtual assistant seems to be less updated than the others so many believe that, in view of the WWDC the Cupertino company will launch a new one built-in function with AI coming with the release of iOS 18.

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