An electric bike disguised as a city cart

With its futuristic look and cart-like bodywork, it’s hard to imagine that Hopper is actually an electric bike.

The machine may resemble a scooter BMW C1 from the beginning of 2000 to an electric wheelchair, such as Renault TwizyWhere Veemo. THE hopper, designed by a German company Hopper Mobility, is a three-wheeled vehicle with an open body. So it offers comfort and a driving position like a carcar, but surprise! It’s actually a electric bicycle. For this reason, despite its appearance, the machine can also take cycle paths than the road.

To help the cyclist, the motor located in the rear hub has a power of 250 wattswatts. As required by the regulations, it cannot exceed 25 km/h with electric assistance. It’s a removable 1,440 Wh battery that powers the motor. It should travel 65 kilometers. Autonomy that can be slightly extended thanks to a solar panel placed on roofroof and which will be available as optional equipment. Small quirk, instead of chain gear when you pedal it’s a generatorgenerator which will convertenergyenergy mechanical to electrical energy to the motor.

A bike with a body is a real road UFO. It’s actually an electric bike. © Hopper Mobility

Commercial version coming soon

There are two 20-inch wheels in the front and a 10-inch scooter wheel in the back. vehicle. Instead of handlebars, there is a steering wheel and there is a digital dashboard like a wheelchair. As the machine is a true mix of genres, it has a windscreen defogger and a real parking brake and two headlights at the front.

As an option, Hopper Mobility wants to offer a model with a passenger or a version cargo. These versions could carry a payload of 160 kilograms including users. Currently, only a few models are in circulation for testing purposes. On the other hand, the brand should market Hopper initially in Germany and in pre-orders for a price currently set at 13,500 euros.

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