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WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that will allow users to create unique profile photos, with AI support and rich contexts. But for some users, there’s a catch.

After the extensive integration of Meta AI into Metas appfamily, the next AI-based updates for popular apps are about to roll out. On WhatsApp, users should according to WABetaInfo soon between Llama 3models to choose from. And an AI profile photo feature is also in the pipeline. The Imagine Yourself as Anything feature will allow for the creation of AI images of the user, which can be used to create special profile photos (and stickers) in various settings. But some users will probably have to do without it for now.

AI assistant Meta AI officially integrated into Instagram, WhatsApp and Co.:

Support for messages, tasks and information in the search bar

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This is what AI profile photos on WhatsApp could look like – launch to first users is imminent

The new feature will give WhatsApp users the ability to create AI-assisted alter egos. They can upload sets of their own images and have Meta AI stylize them into AI images. You can transport yourself to a specific environment, such as a jungle setting or a video game-style music party version of yourself. A screenshot of the feature, which will roll out in a future WhatsApp update, shows examples of these images. But there’s no limit to the imagination when users send “introduce me” as a call to the AI.

The new feature Imagine Yourself as Anything, © Meta via WABetaInfo, Meta AI fonts and images with AI context, light background
The new Imagine Yourself as Anything feature, © Meta via WABetaInfo

The user’s uploaded images are required for Meta AI to analyze. This is an opt-in feature as users provide data to the AI ​​for its training. However, you can remove the images at any time.

However, the feature may not be available in Europe for the time being. Although Meta AI was supposed to come to Germany in June, Meta has postponed the launch for the time being. The reason for this is that the company has stopped the opt-out procedure regarding the sharing of data for AI training due to complaints from data protection groups and as a result, the Meta AI – which Meta says is difficult to optimize without sufficient user data – is not yet available. will be available in Europe.

After criticism:

Meta puts AI training in the EU on hold

Photo by Julian Christ on Unsplash (modifications made via Canva), smartphone in hand. Here you can see the app icons of Meta.
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