AI: ESA wants to integrate it into satellites to protect the Planet

To protect the planet, theTHATEuropean Space Agency, presented a new project very interesting that will develop in different phases. Just last year the Orbital AI Challenge to be able to select programs artificial intelligencemore specifically two.

There were 75 teams that participated in the race and that came from all over the world. They were the winners SISTER E PhiFireAI. The fight against marine pollution and forest fires then begins all on board the microsatellite Φsat-2.

How ESA’s AI project works and what you can detect

These were the words of Nicola MelegaCurrent Technical Officer of Φsat-2:

Electrical power and component space are very limited in a nanosatellite, so the requirements for an integrated application differ significantly from those of a terrestrial AI processor. Surprisingly, both of OrbitalAI’s winning applications managed to find an ideal balance between optimizing performance and reducing computational load, and I expect them to perform effectively during flight. Another major advantage of Φsat-2 is the ability to refine and update the software during the mission, thus allowing the six selected applications to improve their performance over time.“.

Situations like this end up in the ESA’s crosshairs illegal fishing they forest fires, all situations that can be identified much more simply. This will be developed in several phases, the second of which will last approximately six months. This will consist of the analysis of all the data and information collected. The following relates to statements made by Lorenzo Colantoniphotographer and journalist who will support ESA in the project:

We want to go beyond simple environmental monitoring, exploring applications of satellite imagery that allow us to bring those responsible for environmental crimes to justice. Real-time processing of satellite images using artificial intelligence allows us to carry out existing tasks more economically and efficiently. The ESA project focuses on environmental crimes such as rare earth mining in Southeast Asia, deforestation and the illegal trade of waste between the West and the East.“.

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