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History stumbles with BreachForums, but it doesn’t repeat itself. about a year ago The FBI announced the arrest of the founder from the data breach site BreachedForum. The latter was a young American living in a small town in New York state. This forum was intended to take over from Raidforums, the site that became a data breach hub for seven years.

But the place did not remain vacant for long. A new version was launched, originally called BreachForums. It was this new site, hosted at .st, .cx, .is and .vc addresses, that was just seized by the FBI in mid-May. The US Justice Department conducted this operation with several law enforcement agencies. Those from Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and also Zurich, Switzerland.

A game of cat and mouse

However, there is uncertainty about the extent of the judicial response. The new front page of the website is illustrated by an avatar of one of Baphomet’s administrators behind bars. His arrest was also reported on one of the still-active Telegram channels associated with the forum. But the American judiciary has not yet announced any arrests.

Rumors also suggest that a new version of the forum could see the light of day under the name “Breach nation”. This game of cat and mouse could give the impression of a police failure.

However, as cyber security company Kela notes, the volume of publications published in three consecutive versions of this data leakage forum is significantly decreasing. On average, RaidForums had about 58,000 posts per month, compared to 31,000 on BreachedForums and 32,000 on BreachForums.

Central role

The latest version of the site, relaunched in June 2023, made it easier to sell hacking tools and stolen databases, calls the FBI back. For simplicity, it has adopted the graphic charter of Raidforums and BreachedForums. Easily accessible, this type of forum plays a central role in data breaches.

There are other channels for selling this type of files, such as instant messaging. However, this type of site makes it possible to provide broad coverage to hacks and monetize a data breach faster. In France, BreachForums were mainly used to sell a database that was allegedly stolen computer component dealer LDLC.

Recently, the European police agency Europol was the target of a data breach. He asked Computer beeping, confirmed the computer incident. While minimizing the scope of this hacking of the Europol Platform for Experts (EPE). No operational information was actually shared on this best practices exchange page.

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