Acer sees light on the horizon for the PC business

Fujitsu-Aus brings new partners

June 12, 2024, 9:58 am |

Michaela Wurm

Acer Germany boss Robert Perenz is pleased that the notebook business is picking up again

After two tough years, Acer’s notebook business is on the rise again. A competitor’s exit from the market also helps. Acer boss Robert Perenz expects greater demand again from the middle of the year.

After a two-year dry spell that particularly affected Acer’s core business with notebooks and PC monitors, the manufacturer is once again looking forward to the current financial year with confidence.

At the partner kickoff in Berlin, Acer Germany boss Robert Perenz and B2B boss Gerit Günther were optimistic not only for the client’s business, but also for the rest of the significantly expanded portfolio, which includes of products such as e-scooters and e-bikes. contributing a quarter of the group’s sales.

The manufacturer now sees the issue of sustainability, which Acer has been working on for years, as a growth driver. Now it is slowly starting to pay off, said Gerit Günther, Head of Commercial Sales at Acer, in an interview with professional connect. The reason is the stricter proof requirements for companies across the EU and Germany. “Evaluation matrices are changing” and the manufacturer must also recommend them to its resellers. Such standards are becoming increasingly important, especially in business with public clients. “We have won projects because of this. Almost half of these tenders already contain components for energy consumption and electricity prices,” reports Günther. And Acer will meet all the criteria: “We have evidence, certifications and have undergone several audits.” Together with evidence such as the TCO and energy-saving functions of the devices, everything now fits together “like a puzzle,” Günther says happily. Acer also has a complete supply chain with its own service center in Ahrensburg. “It’s a big help to us right now, especially in public business.”

Fujitsu-Aus brings new partners

Gerit Günther, Head of Commercial Sales at Acer

The notebook business is finally picking up again. One reason for this is Fujitsu’s exit from the market, explains Günther. The Japanese manufacturer has historically had a dominant position in German government business. 80 percent of Fujitsu’s clients have recently gone to the public sector.

Acer has already got its share. “We got one or two framework contracts,” the manager reported. Many resellers have questioned whether Acer can enter into existing contracts. The manufacturer has done this and secured many projects. This was difficult to achieve then because, according to Günther, Fujitsu was “very strong in terms of sales”. Resellers are looking for a similarly reliable manufacturer partner. Since Fujitsu left, Acer’s pipeline has increased significantly. Public business in particular is really good, says Günther. Acer hopes to have a good chance of winning over these resellers on a long-term basis. In order not to lose this loot again, it will change its channel strategy in the commercial sector.

  1. Acer sees light on the horizon for the PC business
  2. Focus on medium-sized partners

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