8 electric breast pumps for breastfeeding anywhere, anytime

Aside from the manual models that are mostly recommended for mothers who occasionally breastfeed, I Electric Breast Pump They are a great little tool for those who need to extract milk In greater quantities and with a certain frequency. Of course, these devices are practical and functional, relying on some technology to make this activity less painful and burdensome. Fasterthus making the daily lives of many new parents who struggle to breastfeed their newborns much easier. In the gallery below, we have collected Best Model It is available on the market and comes with a short guide and some useful advice.

How an electric breast pump works and how to use it

The breast pump looks like a baby bottle and consists of a plastic container with a cup placed on it, which, once attached to the breast, simulates the movement of a newborn’s mouth when sucking breast milk. In the electric model, the operation is started with just one button. Pump driven by internal motor; The most advanced equipment has, in addition to the classic management commands, Digital Display It allows you to adjust the settings and control everything, and also monitor the progress. The milk thus extracted can be stored and Give to newborns over the next few dayseven if the mother is not at home and cannot take care of breastfeeding personally.

main feature

That being said, not all electric breast pumps are created equal, and there are some factors to consider when choosing one.

  • Conformation´╝ÜThere are models equipped on the market Single Cupalternating between one breast and then the other, or with Two separate cupsThe latter obviously cost more, but they have the advantage of extracting more milk in a shorter time.
  • Power and adjustment: Being able to choose between different levels of power, speed and extraction modes means being able to Maximum personalization This activity is optimized from time to time based on the needs of you and your newborn.
  • diet: Powering the most powerful (and bulky) devices cable Those looking for a more agile and lightweight solution, perhaps for use on the move, can check out the model Battery poweredcan also be charged via USB cable.
  • design: In addition to home breast pumps that can only be used at home, there are also more compact models that can also be used when on the go. In particular, these stand out among portable solutions Wearable (Put inside a bra) provides maximum freedom of movement and allows you to perform other activities at the same time.
  • Accessories: More expensive electric breast pumps usually come with a set of accessories that can support both expression and breastfeeding, e.g. nippleextra bottles or cups.

Best Electric Breast Pump

Our selection is designed for Includes all types possible breast pump. Therefore, we offer models with one or two cups for home use, but also transportable (and wearable) to meet any type of need. The same goes for the price: from the proposal Simpler and cheaper Here we are The most expensive gadget More than 100 Euros.

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