3 new energy communities were born in the Bologna area

Three new things Regenerative Bone Communities located in the province of Bologna, with the aim of producing and sharing green energy, with economic, social and environmental benefits for their members.

3 installation programs

A first project, which is now at a high level, belongs to the WeV├Ęz company: it is the Renewable Energy Community registered in the specific list of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the first body to complete in the presentation of the first section in support of CER. As indicated in the development plan, in 2026 the company will build, in the first substations in the province, Community Energy installation systems for more than 4 Mega of total power. The first plant will start work on Saint Lazarus of Savena.

A second Renewable Energy Community is being built in Valsamoggia: from June the promotional committee of CER Valsamoggia– the recipient of the grant of the Emilia-Romagna Region – to create a group.

Finally, a third Community Energy project will begin in Baricella, where the campaign committee was born CER Terre di Pianura.

Legacoop Bologna supports Renewable Energy Communities

All three projects are sponsored by Legacoop Bologna about the various developmental stages of employment and income. Communities are established with the legal form of corporations.

There selection of the group type shows a commitment on the part of the three CERs in the planning and implementation of new development principles, combining sustainability and the needs of people and society, fpromoting decarbonization.

Also, the three companies have Renewable Energy as one of their goals inclusive, equitable and democratic energy transitionrespect for the environment, the reduction of climate change, the fight against energy poverty, according to the sustainable development goals promoted by the UN in the 2030 Agenda.

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