200 students take part in Cyber ​​Security Olympics

From June 6-9 They will be in Turin Nearly 200 high school boys and girls and 70 teachers They will meet again in three days Cybersecurity Training and Challenges As part of the Italian Cybersecurity Olympics (OliCyber​​.IT) finals and the CyberTrials program for girls, National Cybersecurity Laboratory Member of CINI (Consortium for National Inter-University Information Technology).

The two free projects were launched during the end of the academic year and involved Over 580 high schools (100 more than previous version)with a total of nearly 5,500 male and female students (a 10% increase compared to 2023).

Participating institutions have become part of the Cyber​​HighSchools network of schools, which also offers free training programmes for teachers.

100 young people will advance to the finals of OliCyber​​.IT, the Italian Cybersecurity Olympics, selected from a pool of 1,166 young people admitted on April 6, 2024. Now in its fourth edition, OliCyber​​.IT is an advanced training program for passionate girls. This year, for the first time, the Cybersecurity Boys Competition for 14 to 19 years old is open to around 2,000 young people from more than 80 countries. This novel event is part of the activities organized by the Lab for ECSC, the European Ethical Hacking Competition, which will be held for the first time in Turin from October 7 to 11, 2024. Participants in the Turin final will compete in a series of challenges in the style of capture the flag, simulating real IT security problems.

The ILO International Training Centre, located on the UN campus in Turin, will also host the 70 finalists of Cyber​​Trials, the training and gaming project created by the National Laboratory for Cybersecurity and the IMT School of Advanced Studies in Lucca. Along with them, awaiting the ECSC are 21 girls who will also represent 7 teams from 3 different countries. Cyber​​Trials, now in its third edition and with more than 1,000 registrants, has set an important record this year: out of the 122 participating teams, 78% completed the entire project (compared to 35% in previous years). The results regarding interest in STEM subjects are also interesting: out of the 184 girls who filled out the pre- and post-project questionnaires, only 46 declared before Cyber​​Trials that they wanted to take STEM courses (25%), which had grown to 61 by the end of the training course.

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