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OpenAI partners with TIME Magazine, optimizing ChatGPT output with over 100 years of journalism.

ChatGPT always breaks records when it comes to usage numbers. After the announcement of the GPT-4o model, two consecutive days of more than 100 million visits each. The AI ​​tool has long proven itself as the option for many and is constantly delivering new features. Now also integrated into Apple Intelligence ChatGPT, which can benefit hundreds of millions of users.

Apple Intelligence:

iOS 18 and Siri get ChatGPT – Google and Co. no longer so relevant?


But OpenAI does not only focus on developing new AI models and making them more accessible – for example via the new desktop app for mac. The AI ​​know-how in the background also needs to be optimized. That is why the company is entering into numerous substantive collaborations. In addition to Axel Springer, Stack overflowNews Corp, The Atlantic, Le Monde, BuzzFeed, Reddit and Co. follow one Collaboration with TIME Magazine.

OpenAI products and responses are intended to be optimized using TIME Content

The new strategic partnership between OpenAI and TIME Magazine gives the AI ​​company the opportunity to tap into over 101 years of content.

If the content is mentioned in the answers, ChatGPT provides a link and a clear source of the quote. TIME’s extensive content should be integrated into other tools besides ChatGPT. In return, the publisher will have the opportunity to access OpenAI technology to develop new AI-based products in the journalistic context. TIME Chief Operating Officer Mark Howard says:

Throughout our 101-year history, TIME has embraced innovation to ensure the delivery of our trusted journalism evolves along with technology. This partnership with OpenAI furthers our mission to expand access to trusted information worldwide as we continue to embrace innovative new ways to bring TIME’s journalism to a global audience.

More and more media companies are deciding to partner with tech and AI companies to feature as prominently as possible in AI-generated answers. The move towards more searches via AI chatbots could also result in media and website owners generating fewer click-throughs from traditional search engine results. Publishers will have to decide whether to let OpenAI and Google crawlers use their content for AI answers, whether to partner with the tech companies, or whether to start providing content themselves specifically for the needs of those searching using AI tools.

The search frequency for chatbots is increasing. According to that State of Search report from Claneo and Appinio Tools like ChatGPT in Germany are already used by a third of respondents every week. The cooperation between publishers and players like OpenAI, Google and Co. is likely to significantly improve the quality of the answers in the long term. At the same time, the question remains whether journalistic content can be shortened in some cases or presented in an incorrect context.

ChatGPT receives the following update:

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